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21stlan   21st lancers getting out a stone from foot
21stlanroyscots   21st royal scots fusiliers
72seafo   72nd seaforth highlanders
fd2g21e3d   a frigate by john miller
lwqgan   A quiet game at nap - by Louis Wain
quietgamenap   a quiet game at nap by louis wain
schooltreat   A school treat by Louis Wain
surgeryinstru   A surgery with a representation and explication of the surgical instruments
5644edd   a tight line connemara salmon fishing
1223   a visit to the armourer
Oldtomcats   “old tom” drinking cats by Louis Wain
aerialed   Aerial View of Edinburgh July 18th 1868
osdff   aeronautics
adg   aeronautics aerial machines plate1
aeroosta   aerostation montgolfiers balloon and blanchards balloon plate 11
agriculture   Agriculture print
airedalebystoker   airedale by stokes
airedale   Airedale Terrier "To my Airedale, it's all a joke"
alexparrakeet   Alexandrine ring Parrakeet by Lizars
747   alfred in the house of the neatherd
dawsonalsatian   Alsatian by Lucy Dawson
alsatian   Alsatian portrait
alball   Alsatian with ball
AmaziliaCyanura   Amazilia Cyanura - Hummingbird
2kddw2dd3ddd   america by moll north and south
d2g21e3d   america cup yacht winning at cowes august 1851
2kddw2dd3dd   america map by blaeu
2kddw2dd3d   americae sive novi orbis by blaeu
2kddw2dd   amerique septentonale by furne
gsm1   anatomy by george simpson bones plate I skull book
gsm2   anatomy by george simpson bones plate ii
gsm3   anatomy by george simpson bones plate iii
gsm4   anatomy by george simpson bones plate iv
gsmix   anatomy by george simpson bones plate ix
gsmv   anatomy by george simpson bones plate v
gsmvi   anatomy by george simpson bones plate vi
gsmvii   anatomy by george simpson bones plate vii
gsmviii   anatomy by george simpson bones plate viii
gsmx   anatomy by george simpson bones plate x
gsmxi   anatomy by george simpson bones plate xi
gsmxiii   anatomy by george simpson bones plate xiii
eyes   anatomy organs of sense eye pl 1
anat10   anatomy pl 10 male heads
anat10malehead   anatomy pl 11 male bodies
anpl13   anatomy pl 13 male bodies side view
an14   anatomy pl 14 arms front view
an15   anatomy pl 15 arms side view
an16   anatomy pl 16 arms side view and arms bent
an17   anatomy pl 17 arms
an18   anatomy pl 18 upper body and bent arm
an19   anatomy pl 19 legs front view
an20   anatomy pl 20 legs
an21   anatomy pl 21 legs side view
an22   anatomy pl 22 legs -side view
an23   anatomy pl 23 legs - side view knees bent
an24   anatomy pl 24 legs side view knees bent
an25   anatomy pl 25 male figure with snake
an26   anatomy pl 26 male with arm outstretched
an27   anatomy pl 27 male holding disc
skull7   anatomy pl 7 skulls
anat9   anatomy pl 9 joints and bones
an3   anatomy plate 3 male figure
an4   anatomy plate 4 female figure with child by J.Fau
an5   anatomy plate 5 female figure with child rear view
an6   anatomy plate 6 female figure side view
an8   anatomy plate 8 vertebrae and hand and arm bones
aanxix   anatomy skeleton plate X1X
anxv11   anatomy skeleton plate XV11
anaxv111   anatomy skeleton plate XV111
anavis1   anatomy viscera plate 1
anavis2   anatomy viscera plate 2
ENG6   Anglia by P. Vander AA
5644e   angling salmon and trout flies phantom minnow etc
2351   archery coloured wood cut
6866   archery meeting in grounds of crystal palace coloured wood cut
argsuthhh   argyll and sutherland highlanders
d2g21e3   arrival of the gunboat flotilla at madeira en route for china
523   balloon ascent of james sadler at oxford 1810
barrabandarra   Barraband Ring Parrakeet
basenjidawson   Basenji by Lucy Dawson "Gremlin"
euptha   battle of eupatoria
inkermn   battle of inkermann
beaglesstokes   Beagles "...a grand form of cross-country running" by Stokes
99979797   before the days of breechloaders coloured wood cut
benvenueellensnelson   Ben Venue and Ellens Isle Loch Katrine by Nelson
fireplacedogs   Black and White terriers by the fireside
dogsfromwhiskey   Black and White terriers in doorway
blackgreyhound   Black Greyhound
blackpug   Black Pug
beprhr1   black watch piper the royal highland regiment 1856
bluebelliedlorikeet   Blue Bellied Lorikeet
bordercolli   Border Collie
bostonterrier   Boston Terrier
2kddw2d   boston town plan by tallis
boxerportrait   Boxer dog portrait
braunedcol   Brauns Bird Eye View of Castle and Edinburgh coloured
braunedbw   Brauns Bird Eye View of Castle and Edinburgh uncoloured
UK1   Britannia Title Page
tallisbritamerica   British America by Tallis date 1851
bribulldog   british bulldog bucket water
bullterrierbystokes   bull terrier by stokes
bulldog1   Bulldog "Donkey and Son"
buntings   Buntings - Snow, Lapland, Common, Black-headed, Yellow-hammer, Cirl, Ortolan
stokescairn   Cairn Terrier - by Stokes
cairndawson   Cairn Terrier by Lucy Dawson
a1s22sscddd   caledonian railway no 721
2kddw2   caledonida 1699
calhilnelnorth   Calton Hill from the North Bridge by Nelson
calnelsonbartlet   calton hill with nelsons monument by bartlett
cacascasc   cameron highlanders field officer and brummer
robsontolbooth   Canongate Tolbooth by F. Robson
capercailliedisplay   Capercaillie in Display
2kddw   carolina by moll
carricklochgoil   Carrick Castle Loch Goil
UK2   Cartes des Isles Britanniques by Bonne
castlegrasswoodcut   Castle and Grassmarket woodcut
nelsonwestprin   Castle and West Princes Street Gardens by Nelson
castleflethiv   Castle from a Window on George IV Bridge by Fletcher
bwpenciled   Castle from the Grassmarket sketch
urquhartfleming   Castle Urquhart Loch Ness by Fleming
heath   cat with bagpipes entitled on his native heath
catsstream   Cats at the stream by Louis Wain
castsice   Cats Ice - by Louis Wain
hhhjjkj   cats ice by louis wain
coopercop1   Cattle by Thomas Sidney Cooper (1/3)
coopercop2   Cattle by Thomas Sidney Cooper (2/3)
coopercop3   Cattle by Thomas Sidney Cooper (3/3)
coopercattle1   Cattle by Thomas Sidney Cooper - original lithograph date 1839
coopercattle2   Cattle by Thomas Sidney Cooper - original lithograph date 1839 (2/4)
coopercattle3   Cattle by Thomas Sidney Cooper - original lithograph date 1839 (3/4)
coopercattle4   Cattle by Thomas Sidney Cooper - original lithograph date 1839 (4/4)
a1s22sscdd   cattle travelling on the liverpool and manchester railway
cavalierspetsandseer   Cavaliers Pets by Landseer
champion-ayrshire   Champion Ayrshire
hereweare   Chihuahua - here we are
chowpeken   chow and pekenise by Stokes
chow   Chow by Diane Thorn
chowdawson   Chow by Lucy Dawson
carols   Christmas Carols
jjb   christmas carols by louis wain
asdasdddd   cmeron highlander gordon highlander and argyll and sutherland highlander
cockrell   Cockrell - Gallus Geneus
colibrithal   Colibri Thalassinus - Hummingbird
thecollie   Collie by Diana Thorn
colliesstokes   Collies at work by Stokes
commonbuzzard   Common Buzzard by Lizars
corgistokes   Corgi "...his method of driving the cattle" by Stokes
caithnessgeorge   Countie of Caithness
argylebutegeorge   Counties of Argyll and Bute
elginandnairngeorge   Counties of Elgin and Nairn
firekinrossgeorge   Counties of Fife and Kinross
orkneyshetlandgeorge   Counties of Orkney and Shetland
stirlingclackmannangeorge   Counties of Stirling and Clackmannan
ayrgeorge   County of Ayr
banffgeorge   County of Banff
countyberwick   County of Berwick
dumbartongeorge   County of Dumbarton
dumfriesgeorge   County of Dumfries
forfargeorge   County of Forfar
haddingtongeorge   County of Haddington
invernessgeorge   County of Inverness
kincardinegeorge   County of Kincardine
kirkcudbrightgeorge   County of Kirkcudbright
lanarkgeorge   County of Lanark by George and Son date 1880
linlithgowgeorge   County of Linlithgow
peeblesgeorge   County of Peebles
Perthgeorge   County of Perth
slekirkgeorge   County of Selkirk
sutherlandgeorge   County of Sutherland
mapwigtowngeorge   County of Wigtown
crinancanalnelson   Crinan Canal Loch Gilphead by Nelson
crinancanalnelson1   Crinan Canal Loch Gilphead by Nelson
championrocrierdachund   Dachshund "Champion"
dachsundlong   Dachshund (long haired) by Lucy Dawson
dachhsunddawsonshort   Dachshund (short haired) by Lucy Dawson
dachsund   Dachshund various poses
dachunsstokes   dachshunds by stokes
dalmationpor   Dalmation portrait by Diane Thorne
dalmationdawson   Dalmations by Lucy Dawson
dinmont   Dandie Dinmont
dinmontpup   Dandie Dinmont pup by Lucy Dawson
dinmontsstokes   Dandie Dinmonts by Stokes
deerhoundyard   Deer hound in farm yard by W R Chambers
defem   defenders of the empire
33gfjh   departure of balloon from paris at night
dhulochnelson   Dhu Loch - Loch Na-Gar by Nelson
doberman   Doberman by Diane Thorne
d2g21e   dover landing of prince albert by miller
868   dr nathaniel spens
duckscoters   Ducks - Surf-scoter, Steller's Eider, Common Scoter, Velvet Scoter by Thorburn
dunddingstonlochlydon   Duddingston Loch by Lydon 1882
dunddingstonwoodcut   Duddingston Loch woodcut
dunstaffnagelochetiveallom   Dunstaffnage Castle and Entrance to Loch Etive by Allom
dunstaffnagelochetivenelson   Dunstaffnage Castle and Loch Etive by Nelson
d2g21   dutch barges in a fresh breeze plate 21 by e k redmore
eagleowl   Eagle Owl by Lizars
d2g1   eddystone lighthouse
bartlettastle   Edinburgh Castle and Grassmarket by Bartlett

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